To all the moms out there, Here are 9 ways to make time for yourself......

Updated: Apr 17

As a mother of 3, I sympathize with all the mothers out there growing a family and having to juggle so much. The days are filled with to do lists and depending on all the distractions, you only seriously accomplish 1-2 things if at all lol

Over the past 50 years according to some studies, it appears that women’s happiness levels have declined as most women are juggling careers, relationships, a family, a household, friendships and other tasks. We are trying to do too much at once.

It’s really challenging no matter what anyone says. Sometimes women make little time for themselves and this can lead to suppressed feelings, resentment, stress and so on.

You cannot find the time for you, you have to make time for you!

Why is making time for you so important?

Before you were a mom, you had lots of goals, hopes and dreams. The motherhood role, I believe, is the most challenging one.

Before you were a mother you got things done, perhaps your list was a tad shorter but you made time for you.

Now that you are a mommy keep yourself in check and make that same time for you and connect with who you truly are.

For the children a mom who feels happy and fulfilled is the most valuable memory than having a mom who sacrifices her passions for her children.

Below are a few tips of what you can do to clear your mind and connect with yourself and separate the two roles.

☀️Kids learn from you- so read a book

☀️Teach your children that your interests are valuable- pursue your passions

☀️Go on a walk- clear your mind

☀️Create a morning routine for yourself before kids wake up

☀️Enjoy a morning smoothie or hot beverage alone

☀️Meet up with your friends and ask friends and family for support

☀️Take a relaxing bubble bath and enjoy your favourite meditation

☀️Start a journal

☀️Move your body- fit in a 15, 20, 30 min of your favourite workout

☀️Lastly remember to make time for you

🌿All this for a happier and calmer YOU!

My favourite Me time is to curl up in my reading nook and read a book that I cannot put down!

What is your you time?

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