Where am I? Here- What time is it? Now

Here, Now- I am here.

I realize how important it is to be here, right now. How can I be more present?

I asked myself this 2 years ago, it was the day I realized I was super disconnected with the present.

I wonder how I got through those days on no sleep and no energy? While I was breast feeding and raising 2 other kids. It was not an easy time as a new mommy to a new baby and my body... I didn't recognize who I was. I am sure, if you are reading this you can relate.

One thing I remember is that I wanted to be fully present and have more energy. I shifted all my focus and started to change my life, I began to hike and walk everywhere again. As a result I sleep better and have more energy 😊

Now the most precious moments I have are the ones where we hike together as a family and explore everything we see.

Walking/ hiking brought us to where we belong!

The present moment is all we have! ❤️

Be the change, Rise In Wellness- be present, explore nature, wherever you are, be present!

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