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The Practical Application of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

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The Practical Application of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Our body cannot utilize vitamins and other nutrients without a correct balance of minerals, even in trace amounts. I designed a metabolic program to help you supplement your body the right way with the right brand dosage.

I call this a journey of awareness through dynamic nutrition and neuro-endocrine immune system balancing to help you gain another biochemical perspective and create results. Hair and mineral analysis helps me better examine a person’s metabolic processes.

What Includes

Focuses on diet, a healthy lifestyle and balancing the body

It helps with you regain energy

The ability to predict and prevent major illnesses add greatly to safety

Balancing the mind and emotions

Removes toxic metals in the body’s own order

Nutrients are better absorbed

Monitor your energy with repeated analysis testing

Trends or tendencies for 50 conditions can be detected

Reduces chronic inflammation

Aids with digestive problems

Strengthens your immune system

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