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Meet May

Hi! I’m May Rodriguez Integrative Nutrition Practioner

Rise in Wellness is determined to help you work on something exciting that will leave you feeling energized and find happiness in every step of the process.
What makes Rise In Wellness stay committed?

Why Work With Me

Drained, depleted, confused by the chaos of the world, I developed Rise In Wellness.

An inspired regenerative medicine modeled after the wisdom of my ancestors to offer full, regenerative and uplifting experiences that come with deep trust and true listening to each and every client that joins me on a zoom session and eventually, through my door.

After observing the results of hundreds of people while working in a medical clinic, I realized that my new mission would be to embark on a holistic functional approach to help clients get some more insight on how they can treat or prevent most diseases with an overall transformation of adopting better eating habits and overall a healthier quality of life.


Nurturing my clients to Rise In Wellness through integrative emotions, food, and receptivity.

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About May

My mission is to help you understand your metabolic process and embark on a holistic and functional approach that will give you more insight into how your nutrition and lifestyle can impact the prevention or treatment of most diseases.

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